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Glen Adams on banjo, Bill Henry mandolin, Jan Purcell fiddle, Marty Coney on bass, Jon Purcell on guitar, and Steve Piticco on guitar.


Jan Purcell is awarded 2012 Female Vocalist of the Year. The Lois White Memorial Award was sponsored by Bill White of White Pine.

Steve Piticco is recognized as 2012 Guitar Player of the Year.  These awards were presented in Huntsville, Ontario, in November, 2012, at the Central Canadian Bluegrass Awards.


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This spirited bluegrass band combines hard-driving rhythm with sweet, sweet harmony.  A Pine Road set list includes traditional and contemporary songs along with many originals, plus the odd French tune to celebrate their Wakefield, Quebec roots.

Jan Purcell plays fiddle and handles most of the lead vocals. She has been nominated three times as Female Vocalist of the Year (2010, 2011 and 2012) and in 2012 Fiddle Player at the Central Canada Bluegrass Awards. Jan won the award for female vocalist this year! Jon Purcell is on guitar and sings both lead and harmony, Marty Coney is on standup bass and sings harmony,  Bill Henry plays mandolin and sings lead and harmony,  Glen Adams is on the 5-string banjo, and the award winning Steve Piticco most often joins the band on lead guitar. Steve has been nominated  guitar player of the year for 2012 and also won!  Jan and Steve would like to thank the band for their support, and all of us would like to express our apprection to friends and fans who have supported them over the years.   We are so proud!!

      See them out on Youtube.  Google Jan Purcell. 


*****Check out photos and highlights from 2012 on page 3 after bios****

After years of dedication and playing, Jan Purcell and Pine Road have developed into the very best bluegrass/roots music outfit in the Gatineau Hills.  They are a shining example of our regional music scene and would truly do us proud wherever they travel.  Success is indeed finding them, for good reason:  they are fine people playing fine music; it is as simple as that.

   Good luck,

 Paul Symes   Owner-Black Sheep Inn, Wakefield QC

 The Central Canadian
Bluegrass Awards Show
by Wes Lowe

Wayne, Jan and I had a truly wonderful time on Friday night when Jan Purcell and Pine Road welcomed us into their pickin’ session.  Jan is a real trouper who does an excellent Canadian version of Rhonda Vincent’s “Bluegrass Girl”.  She punches it out with all the fire of the original and she’s heck of a fiddler too.  I caught their on stage act on Saturday and was thoroughly impressed.  They are a class act and don’t need to take a back seat to anybody.


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